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Sex Worker Photography Fund

Many sex workers need professional photographs in order to advertise their services. A great photo conveys a person's personality and character which in turn helps them attract the clients they deserve. Unfortunately, photography services are expensive and not very accessible. High end photoshoots should be accessible to lower income workers, trans workers, non binary workers, black workers, workers of colour, disabled workers, queer workers & immigrant workers. This is why I offer discounts to those who normally would not be able to afford or access this service. ​

I have therefore set up a sex worker photography fund for those who would like a photoshoot but do not have the means to afford one. I am asking clients of sex workers and allies to donate money which will go towards providing quality photoshoots for all. 

To claim a free shoot email me here with FUND in the subject.

To donate please send me an email for payment methods.​

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